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Women In Social Housing

Women In Social Housing - Bolt From The You


Blame V Contribution

18th May 2017 By Jo Cowlin, Bolt From The You

Stop playing the blame game. As a society we just love to blame anyone or anything else for our problems. We blame our partners.

Memory and Learning

Short and Long Term Memory

8th May 2017 By Jo Cowlin

Use it or lose it. How your short and long term memory affects your ability to learn. “Naughty Dolly! If you don’t put your

Making Learning Stick through Attention Density

Making Learning Stick through Attention Density

11th April 2017 By Lou Banks

Do you ever find yourself saying things like ‘I have no confidence when it comes to public speaking,’ or ‘I’m really terrible at Maths,’



8th March 2017 By Jo Cowlin, Bolt from the You

The hashtag for International Women’s day hit me in the face. I loved it. I was hooked in. And it got me thinking. What

30-Day Mindfulness Challenge – An interview with Kit Mills

11th November 2016 By Jo Cowlin, Director - Bolt from the You

Tell me how the 30-day challenge has been? I’m really surprised at how I’ve actually managed to keep it going. I’ve tried stuff like


Fresh Starts and Renewed Energy

23rd September 2016 By Jo Cowlin, Director - Bolt from the You

  What is it about September? It just feels like a fresh start. A new beginning. Energy levels are up and I seem to

Two Puzzle Pieces Coming Together

Tap into your Authentic Masculine Energy to Create Connections

29th June 2016 By Jo Cowlin, Director - Bolt from the You

We’ve all been in the presence of that ‘really great guy’. Father, brother, uncle, friend or work colleague, we’re instantly attracted to their noble

Bolt 2 2016

Creating Connections

28th May 2016 By Jo Cowlin, Director Bolt from the You

This month’s blog post is a peek into what else we get up to when we are not delivering workshops and gives you a

Mothers Day

Mothers Day – The Authentic Feminine

5th March 2016 By Jo Cowlin, Director - Bolt from the You

The authentic feminine – an untapped business resource. Mothers Day is a celebration of feminine energy. It can be a time of reflection back


Embrace new beginnings as we roll into Autumn…

13th November 2015 By Rebecca Cheung - Bolt from the You

As we roll into Autumn, we observe a significant shift in the colours of the trees and a real, visible transition in nature. In