Why We’re Here

Our WISH Vision

In the current economic climate, professional networking is more important than ever.  Joining  WISH gives our members excellent opportunities to network with women at all stages of their careers and across the whole range of Organisations who operate in the Sector – both private and public.  This is what really sets WISH apart and ensures our members get maximum benefit from being part of our Group.WISH are run by committed Regional Boards dedicated to making sure WISH provides an engaging calendar of informative and entertaining events for our members.  WISH are also working hard to develop a Careers Advice Programme for female school and college leavers explaining all about the exciting job opportunities within the social housing Sector. The two major issues that are the cornerstone of the WISH Vision are:

  • encouraging more women to choose careers in the affordable housing and construction sectors when they leave school, college or further education.
  • addressing career progression for women already in these sectors, challenging stereotypes and barriers and encouraging successful behaviour.
WISH meets formally four times a year. Events give members opportunity to network in friendly and relaxed environments. WISH always invite inspirational guests to speak to us on a range of interesting and enlightening topics – we always receive excellent, positive feedback from members who have enjoyed our evenings.

Our History

The WISH name and concept was born in about 1998 when Nicola Dibb left working as Area Development Manager for Notting Hill Housing Trust in London and joined Housebuilder Alfred McAlpine, creating land led package deals for Housing Associations.

A couple of low key, informal WISH meetings were held in London over the years until Debra Constance, previously working for Catalyst Housing Association, joined Nicola in 2002 who was by now working at Wates Living Space. Debra had been to one of the WISH meetings, saw the potential, and encouraged Nicola to get WISH more formally launched.

By 2006 Nicola and Debra had both moved on from Wates and were working together as Business Development Managers at Osborne Homes. At this time they had a WISH logo designed along with a simple website and things started going from strength to strength.

Wish Logo (2)After a series of successful networking events, Nicola and Debra realised that they couldn’t give WISH the time and effort it deserved – along with their day jobs! So – a Board of willing supporters was formed some of whom are still on the Central Board Committee to this day.

WISH also now have a paid admin Manager who is fundamental to the smooth running of WISH and supporting the setting up of new Regions. WISH are delighted that a number of Regions have now formed across the country.