Make Changes NOT Excuses in Business & Life

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Friday 29 September 2017
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm
  • Chester Race Course
  • Chester Race Course
  • Chester
  • North West and North Wales

Make Changes NOT Excuses in Business & Life

Leading authority on Leadership and Cultural Transformation and best-selling author, Molly Harvey, will be the speaker at a joint event organised by WISH North Wales and WISH North West at Chester Race Course, Chester on Friday, September 29th.

Make Changes NOT Excuses in Business & Life Molly will be delivering a talk on how making small changes in life can deliver positive outcomes in our work and personal life.

By speaking to corporations around the world such as Bank of America, 3M and Santander together with over 500 other leading organisations worldwide, a key part of Molly’s experience is the ability to question and provoke audiences to think differently about the way they work and live.

Currently Molly is an Advisor on the board of the Global Angels Foundation which is an international charity transforming disadvantaged communities across the world. From 2012 she has been one of 8 visionaries involved in the Fountain which is an Alliance of Indigenous Elders and Western Economists dedicated to restoring a sacred world economy

Over the years Molly has given keynote addresses on leadership and lifestyles at Universities such as Liverpool University and Liverpool Management School. Molly has also spoke at the United Nations in New York in 2006 and then again in 2007.

Being a best-selling author of 8 books, with 23+ years’ experience of engaging people, companies and communities Molly has produced a range of E-books, CD’s and Podcasts.

Other achievements include being the first National Woman President and Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association in England, past Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a founding member of the Association of Transformational Leaders Council, Europe.

Molly believes that to be a success in business you must connect the head, heart and soul of a company and by working with CEO’s, Leaders and Managers, achieve sustainable profits by developing their people.

The event, will be held at Chester Race Course on Friday 29th September from 12- 2.30pm and is open to all WISH members and paying guests. A buffet lunch will be served from 12.

Tickets for the event are available on Eventbrite – Book your tickets here.

For further information on all WISHNW events, please contact the Chair: Nikki.Waud@seddon.co.uk or #WISHNorthWales

For further information on all WISH North West events, please contact Kerry Whittle, Secretary northwest@wishgb.co.uk

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