“Be open, be honest and say yes even if it’s uncomfortable or you have never done it before”

Published on 5th April 2017

WISH Lister 2017 – Kerry Whittle

Kerry is a founder member of the WISH NW region which celebrates its five year anniversary this year with a lively programme of events for its members. To find out more visit www.wishgb.co.uk

Kerry works for A Connolly Ltd who delivers planned refurbishment to HAs in the Northwest and North Wales. She is responsible for social value legacy projects working in partnership with clients in the business and also part of the pre-construction team winning work and of course networking in the sector!

1. If you weren’t in your current role what would you be doing?
Nursing – I always planned to be a nurse specialising in Paediatrics, and I would have been part of the first intake for the nursing degree, but Aids and HIV had just become a major health concern and I couldn’t wear the Latex gloves as I had eczema at the time and latex glove technology wasn’t that great back in the late 80’s so I had to change my career options.

2. What was your first ever job?
I had a Saturday Job in a shoe shop – Heaven! And no wages either as I re-invested back into the shop! But my first full time job was working for Bolton Council in the education department as admin, helping out with school surveying team.

3. How did you end up working in Housing?
I applied for an admin position for Bolton Housing Direct Labour Organisation, and I got hooked into housing from there! I started my surveying career with Bolton and had 13 happy years, working for them, until I jumped to the other side and worked for a contractor Durose and Gourlay, who were eventually bought by ROK,

4. What’s on your list of things still to achieve in your life/career?
I am ambitious both in work life and home life, and my motto for 2017 is to say YES and see where that leads me and to try something new or different.

5. What people living or dead have influenced you most in your life?
Andrea Yates – who is still a very good friend, influenced me into taking up Building Surveying as a career. Andrea was a trainee building surveyor at Bolton Council, and was a fabulous female role model.
I’m a strong character, and I don’t really do the whole celebrity world so they would not be influencers in my life.

5. What’s the superpower you would most like to have?
Hmm that’s a good question. I suppose to be able to transport from one place to another in seconds, to save time on waiting for planes to take me to a sunny beach!

6. What are the qualities that you most admire in others?
A good positive outlook on life in general and always a good sense of humour, and a liking for good wine and gin and maybe sparkly lip gloss.

7. What’s on your desk at the moment?
A Mug from Starbucks in New York, girly holiday memories.
Car Keys with a key ring saying ‘I want to ride my bicycle’.
My A Connolly Ltd leadership quote calendar; I’m most disappointed that it doesn’t have a desk buddy to accompany it.
Molton Brown Hand Cream.
Oh yes and Work Papers!

8. What would be your perfect day away from work?
A Spa day with my friends and no technology just good wine and a good chat!

9. What’s the best thing about your job?
The variety – I get to be involved in lots of things, but also strategic development of the business and of course meeting people, being a people person Business Development is just right up my street.

10. What was your worst mistake and what did you learn from it?
Bit of a long story, but we missed our holiday flight as I didn’t read the tickets properly. My learning was to give myself time to absorb information. Being a control freak, I didn’t let my hubby see the tickets before we left! This is true at work too, so my lesson learned is allow people in and ask for their opinion. Anyway £50 later and a small flight change, we made our holiday! I love a happy ending.

11. What single thing would make your life easier?
Life is not hard it just gets a bit muddled now and again and I need three of me sometimes but that would be scary for some people, having three of me walking around, lol………..

12. Which 3 Celebrities/Politicians would you not want to be stuck in a lift with and why?
Simon Cowell – way to creepy for me
Sharon Osbourne – To brash and loud
Jeremy Corbin – Needs a good brush and tidy up

13. What tips do you have for being successful?
Be open, be honest and say yes even if it’s uncomfortable or you have never done it before, who knows what you may experience and see or who you may meet. And most of all don’t be afraid to be you, we are all different and that’s OK, to be the same as everyone else is way too boring!

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