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Monday 28th September 2020

We need to move on from women vs men

The Daily Telegraph ran an article this week entitled “Book called ‘I Hate Men’ sells out after move to ban it.” How does that make you feel?

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Saturday 26th September 2020

Hello from WISH North Wales

So, the last few months have been anything but easy and we’ve been faced with a situation beyond what we could ever imagine happening here in the UK...

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Thursday 20th August 2020

Meet our members!

Meet our members: Sarah Willcox-Jones - Head of Property Analytics and Operations at Lewisham Homes

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Friday 17th July 2020

Let’s build something new: why not rushing back to outdated working practices matters

Bobbie Hough, of Hough Bellis Communications shares his latest blog 'Lets build something new!'

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Tuesday 16th June 2020

Surviving and Thriving

Highs and lows of adapting to living and working in a world turned upside down by the impact of the coronavirus.

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Wish GB Blog Archive

Kindness is Contagious

At a time where the spread of coronavirus has impacted most of the world, making a positive difference to others is more important than ever.

The meaning of team during Covid-19

Our WiSH Midlands board member Rose Klemperer reflects on what team work means to her in the changing working world we're finding ourselves in. A thought-provoking and inspiring read.

Motivation, Goal setting and maximising your potential during Lockdown.

Now several weeks into social distancing and lock-down, WISH North Wales are learning to let go of frustrations and focus on being thankful for the simple things.

Building a bridge for women into the construction industry

Barbara Akinkunmi is graduate from Lovell’s London office and is looking to build bridges to attract more women into the industry.

Established Partners collaborate to offer a ‘Complete Project Life Cycle Service offering’ to the Residential Sector

CS2 are launching a new value service offering ‘Delivering Homes’, a collaboration by three organisations that have well established working relationships.

Recognising & Overcoming “Blind Spots”

calfordseaden Associate, Anna Keys is a keen advocate for gender equality in the construction industry, encouraging women to consider a career in construction and supporting them throughout their journey.

Coronavirus crisis communications: One-minute workshop

We’ve not seen a crisis like it. The COVID-19 situation is changing by the minute, and each day brings new challenges. WISH's PR Sponsor, Bobbie Hough, shares how to navigate a crisis...

Anastasia Spiropoulos, JLL on the Specialist Supported Housing Sector

Anastasia Spriopoulos, is part of a team at JLL which services a sector known as Specialist Supported Housing (SSH), read about her career journey.

Women In Leadership - The STEM Skills Gap and the challenges we must overcome

We recently celebrated two big topics that have the potential to change the future of this country’s industry infrastructure. National Careers Week, has been shared across multiple platforms in a bid to attract the younger emerging UK workforce; and International Women’s Day was celebrated across the globe, with a huge emphasis on gender equality, equal rights and the gender skills and pay gap which is shockingly still a thing in 2020.

Top tips for switching to home working – preparing for Coronavirus?

New Government guidance on the Coronavirus will see an increasing number of landlords switching to home working to help protect staff and prevent the spread of the disease. So how do you prepare for the transition and what measures do they need to put in place to make sure that staff remain productive and happy in their roles?

My menopausal Memoir

All women will go through some form of menopause, the symptoms of which can last up to ten years. Yet, for all that, it’s not really spoken about and can be viewed as a taboo subject.

This International Women’s Day Nicola Dibb, explains why a more inclusive sector is vital for attracting young people into housing

This International Women’s Day Nicola Dibb, co-founder and executive director of Women in Social Housing (WISH), explains why a more inclusive sector is vital for attracting young people into housing.

Women in construction and social housing - guest blog by Heidi Thompson

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, Heidi Thompson, former WISH Yorkshire chair & Executive Director of Homes and Investment discusses women in construction and social housing...

International Womens Day; the importance of heroes and she-roes

Take time out to reflect on International Women's Day, Sunday 8th March 2020, and read in this blog, from WISH Midlands' Chair, about the commitment needed for equality to prevail and how the housing sector could pave the way.

Does it matter what other people think of you?

Does it matter what people think of you? Hear our expert's view. An insightful blog on self-confidence to get you thinking about what's important and what's not important about 'being liked'.

Building Better, Building Beautiful report could focus more on the benefits of bringing homes into town centres

There is much to be applauded in the Building Better, Building Beautiful report, which rightly identifies today's challenges facing the high street. However, it misses the mark on the important messages by distracting us with the beauty debate.

Diversity and Inclusion - How Is Recruitment Helping Drive The Change?

There is a huge effort currently to implement strategies and adopt behaviours which address the many complex issues surrounding diversity & inclusion across the housing sector.

Challenging the Ideology of Women in Construction - calfordseaden

Becky's dissertation titled 'Challenging the Ideology of Women in Construction', explores how the current trends of women in the industry are developing.

Health and Safety and Housing - Susie Rogers, Capsticks

Susie Rogers from Capsticks talks about Health & Safety and housing in their latest blog.

Too much of what we have built in the last 10 years is fit only to be torn down - Andrew Mellor, PRP

There has been much discussion in the industry in recent years about poor-quality construction and the impacts this has on architectural aesthetics, building performance and occupant wellbeing.

Thinking about innovation. A call to action.

The UK social housing sector sits within a turbulent landscape. Significant challenges have emerged in recent years about who social housing is for, the role of the sector in meeting housing demand and our involvement in tackling complex social problems located in our communities and impacting on our tenants' lives and wellbeing.

JLL's Titi Ogunwuyi on being a mentor for women in the sector and how there is a need for more affordable homes in high value areas

From an early age, the expectation was that I would become a doctor, following the family trend. By the time I completed sixth form, I was certain that I didn't enjoy science and that medicine was not for me.

How I got into Social Housing - Kat Day, Capsticks

"I am proud to be part of a team that has a clear growth strategy and a commitment to invest in the social housing sector"

Why fire safety works are so important to me - Suzann Eaglen is head of compliance for Kier Housing Maintenance

Suzann Eaglen is head of compliance for Kier Housing Maintenance. Here, she explains her career journey and why fire safety works are so important to her.

My path into social housing - Victoria Mallela, Civitas Housing Advisor

Few would disagree with this profound quote by Rosalynn Carter, wife of Jimmy Carter, former President of the United States of America. I had the pleasure of meeting Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter when I was working on a building site in the Philippines in 1999, helping local families to build their own homes as part of the Habitat for Humanity Project. At that time I was part way through a year teaching in Japan. Little did I know then that buildings - and their significance to people - would become a recurring aspect of my life.

Meet Greenacre Recruitment's Agile Workforce!

At Greenacre, we're avid promotors of the agile workforce, as many women often have to juggle a busy family life around their work roles. We've researched the benefits of agile working and found those who have more control over their working hours and space, are on the whole more productive, motivated, and most importantly, happier in their jobs.

A look behind the curtain: Health & Safety Consultancy - calfordseaden

Amy-Jane Farr, Associate Health & Safety Compliance Advisor at calfordseaden, discusses her path into the world of health & safety and improving perceptions of women in the field.

Being your best self: finding your personal balance on International Women's Day

#Better for Balance is the theme for this year's International Women's Day and you can see me strike a pose for IWD19 at the top of the post! It's a really relevant business issue.  Creating gender balanced boardrooms, business leadership and workforces is a topical issue highlighting a need for continued focus on helping women achieve their ambitions.

Getting on Board with a Diverse Leadership

Executive director and founder of WISH, Nicola Dibb, talks about how it is helping to improve diversity at the top of the sector through the promotion of leadership roles.

Why working in social housing works for June Moore - Kier

Working in Social Housing might not have been part of the original career plan for Kier Housing Maintenance's (Kier HM's) Customer Experience Business Partner, June Moore, but it has been a welcome addition.

My Path into Housing - Susie Rogers, Capsticks

I always knew that I wanted to be a lawyer who makes a difference.

Celebrating 40 years in the construction industry - Angela Lemon, calfordseaden

Angela Lemon, Partner and Quantity Surveyor at calfordseaden, reflects on 40 years in the construction industry, the changing role of women in the field, and her rise from trainee Quantity Surveyor to Partner.

What do I see? Janet Richmond

I work with a number of housing organisations, and it struck me that the majority of people attending my workshops are women. Now that's not news to any of us, and having worked in the sector for over 15 years it's not difficult to notice the numbers - yes some departments are the exception to that.

Taking the fear out of public speaking

Its fair to say that to succeed in business you need to develop certain skills. The ability to speak confidently and clearly in public is one of these. Regardless of the job that you do, you probably undertake some form of public speaking, whether this be providing an update in a meeting, briefing your manager, speaking to customers or delivering a presentation in front of a large audience. If you are self-employed, your skills need to be even sharper; much business comes from producing video content for social media, and never underestimate how important it is to network and sell yourself effectively.

Janet Richmond

I work with a number of housing organisations, and it struck me that the majority of people attending my workshops are women.

Young People In Rural Areas Need Genuinely Affordable Housing Options

By WISH Midlands Region

Shropshire is often viewed as a rural idyll but average house prices are 8.5 times the average salary.

WISH Blog - New Blog From WISH Sponsor JLL

By Rosie Dennis

I recently read an article that described a career as a journey that is 'increasingly restricted by the terrain around it', and I immediately related to this statement, recognising that my brief career journey so far has been eased and slowed by smooth surfaces and ruts.

When Life Gives You Lemons

By Katherine Smith

As vice chair of WISH Midlands, I was asked to produce a blog to introduce myself. But when I sat down to start writing, there was one problem - I'm just not that interesting!

A Career Well Travelled

By Asif Choudry

Making sure people skills and business skills are aligned has been critical to the success of Resource, the Leeds-based company that provides award-winning marketing communications products and services to social housing organisations nationwide. HR and Performance Director Gail Weathers explains the critical role she has played in the company's development and describes her journey from Youth Training Scheme (YTS) trainee to company director.

Manisha Patel Appointed As A Mayor's Design Advocate

By [email protected]

Manisha Patel, Partner, has been appointed as part of a 50-strong panel of Design Advocates to the Mayor of London - drawn from a pool of individuals representing the highest quality of talent and expertise across a broad range of built environment disciplines.

Short And Long Term Memory

By Jo Cowlin

Use it or lose it. How your short and long term memory affects your ability to learn.

Why Would Diversity And Inclusion Be Of Benefit To Everyone?

By Danna Walker, Architect and Director of Built By Us

We need to make a conscious effort to ensure that we are not missing out on the best talent and that we are giving everyone a chance to become their best selves and contribute fully, regardless of background.

Making Learning Stick Through Attention Density

By Lou Banks

Do you ever find yourself saying things like I have no confidence when it comes to public speaking, or I'm really terrible at Maths, or even the dreaded I'm not good enough.

RICS Matrics 2017

By Anna Keys, Senior Quantity Surveyor, calfordseaden

This year's RICS Matrics Assembly was held at Oulton Hall in Leeds and one of calfordseaden's senior quantity surveyors and RICS Matrics board member, Anna Keys, was in attendance.

Praise For The Housing Sector - The Housing White Paper

By Tim Miles, Blake Morgan

The Housing White Paper represents the first major Housing publication since the DCLG published its 2011 Housing Strategy.

Let's Tackle Fuel Poverty By Greening Our Homes.

By Chris Young - Communications Officer, Tridos Bank

As more households struggle to meet energy costs in houses that are inadequately insulated and maintained, Neil Hewitt, Social and Cultural Manager at Triodos Bank, explores the steps that the bank are taking to address the growing problem with Warmer Homes and Greener Communities loans.