Tuesday 17th August 2021

The Art of Presenting - WISH Programme

In September we shall be running a programme that is designed to help you become a stronger presenter...

The Art of Presenting

Would you like to be a stronger presenter?


Do you utter the words "no thank you" when someone asks you to present?

Or would you like people to think "she is a natural" every time you do get up on your feet to share your thoughts and ideas?

Then come September we shall be running a programme that is designed for you.

We know from feedback from WISH members and board members that many women find it hard to be heard and many decline opportunities to speak or deliver presentation from lack of confidence or self-belief. The ability to speak in public is an essential leadership skill, but done well it is also an incredible boost to self-belief and confidence which allows women to share their wisdom and talents in the world.

We wanted to offer our members an affordable programme that will help them find their voice whether that is in an internal or external meeting or presentation. The programme aims to provide participants with the knowledge and build a mind- set that enables them to deliver a compelling presentation that is memorable.


Here is an overview of each of the 4 sessions:




Campaign Homework

Session one



My internal stories and the power of stories to engage.

In week one we examine what gets in the way of us speaking up or presenting with confidence. We look at mind-set and experiences that have facilitate positive and negative thoughts. We also build a fuller picture of ourselves and all the experience and expertise we bring when we present. The participants are introduced to the power of story telling to engage an audience.

Reflection and journaling

Session two



The audience and the presentation. In week two we discuss the audience and all the aspects that we need to consider before we start to create our presentation. We will look at how to design and build a presentation with the audience in mind.

Start creating a presentation

Session three



On the stage.

Week three we look at all the aspects of delivering a presentation, from handling nerves, thinking about body language and how to use our voices more effectively. Continue to develop a presentation. Look for opportunities to present.

Session four


Putting the training into action. Week four is a celebration of all the skills everyone has learnt. Each participant is given a 5-minute slot to deliver a presentation at the end of which the group gives feedback.  


The cost of the programme is £295+VAT+Booking Fee

Book your place here

For any further questions please contact Tracey McEachran.

There are only 12 spaces to ensure that everyone gets the attention they need to flourish, so please book early.


Here is what others have said about the programme.


“I have done a number of presentations before now, but I always suffered from the same problems; feeling anxious, stressed, racing through to get to the end. Tracey's presentation course not only allowed me to address why I felt like that, but provided me with a toolkit to mentally prepare for a presentation, as well as techniques to steady myself if I feel like I am losing control partway through. But this was just one part of a thoroughly enjoyable and refreshing look at preparing for presentations. I would recommend Tracey's course for anyone, whether you are new to the game or an old hat, this is guaranteed to add some value to the gift of you!”

Tanya Srikandan, Financial and Commercial services


“Tracey gave me several actionable ideas to manage my fear of public speaking and techniques to connect with varied audiences with confidence. I thoroughly recommend the Art of Presenting course.” Hony Premlal MBA


“I recently attended the Art of Presenting course run by Tracey. What a brilliant course! So many helpful tips for preparing for presentations, from taking account of the audience and what you want them to get out of the presentation to how you get your message across in an informative and effective way using powerful images. The course gives you the guidance and the opportunity to put presenting into practice and allows you to learn from others in the group as well. I would highly recommend the course. Tracey gives you the confidence to take on the challenge of presenting.”

Frances Young Director at DLP planning limited

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