Friday 22nd January 2021

The Best Confidence Lesson In The World

Anyone can learn to be confident. You just have to be willing to put the effort in.

The Best Confidence Lesson In The World

by Hayley Gillard

I’m Hayley *wave* and I want to tell you the best thing I ever learnt that helped me to be more confident – at work, when managing staff and in relationships.

Last week my Marketing Manager, Annette, asked me to review some content that we’d be putting out for the next few days. That’s a normal task for me to do, I didn’t think much of it. I generally make sure I’m happy with branding, content, timings etc. and I sometimes have to complete some sentences or answer some questions in order to bulk stuff out and make posts more personal and relevant.

Last week was slightly different.

Annette asked me a question: “what one thing made me confident?” She was asking because she wanted to create a video slideshow to inspire people who saw my social media posts and help them learn something that could enable them to have more self-belief. As an accredited confidence coach and trainer, who coaches people in things like being brilliant in interviews, giving powerful presentations and having difficult conversations with staff or the manager, I HAVE to appear confident myself, or at least understand how confidence works and be constantly trying to learn about it, and role model it myself.

But, Annette’s question stumped me for a second. My mind flashed through lots of occasions when I’ve remembered strong conversations about my own confidence - like public speaking club when I was age 13 at school (yes, yes, I was a geek!), my dad teaching me to catch a ball every single time he threw it, my favourite teacher telling me I could enter a prestigious art competition if I believed in myself… all of those occasions felt great, but none of those occasions stuck out as the one thing that made me confident…

Of course, confidence is a growing, changing, ever-evolving process. I’d be a complete fraud to sit here and tell you I am confident 100% of the time. Of course I’m not. But I have learnt to face my fears and overcome them. I have learnt to thrive in a business world that can be cut-throat. I have learnt to go live on my social media accounts despite friends, family and strangers watching. I have learnt to stand on stage in front of thousands of people and not want to scream inside.

The answer to Annette’s question…?

The one thing that made me confident, and the biggest confidence lesson I ever learnt was not something that I was born with, it was not some innate personality trait or something unique to my character. It’s not something that makes me any different to where or who you are right now. The answer…

I realised this… confidence is a skill you can learn, not an ability you are born with.

That means its available to everyone! Right here, right now! You’re never too old, too young, too fat, too thin, you can never have the ‘wrong’ accent or live in the ‘wrong’ town.

Don’t skim over this quickly. Go back and read it again! ANYONE can learn to be confident – yes you. Yes, even you who quakes in your boots if you have to speak to your manager about something awkward. Even you, who is terrified to pick up the phone to talk to someone in the other departments. And you too, you who wishes you could get a promotion, knows you can do it but is petrified of being judged in an interview. The thing is you have to learn how!

Here’s how to learn to be confident… You have to read books, you have to watch Youtube, you have to listen to podcasts, you have to learn from your role models, you have to work with a Coach and you have to be open to continuously evolve. You have to be open to grow, to tackle your fears, to face challenges and to work towards your goals. You have to be active in your quest.

If your goal is to feel more confident, have more assertive conversations, get the next promotion, manage a team better, present to a room full of people, (or even just feel better about yourself on a Tinder date!)… then listen to this lesson. Confidence is a skill you can learn. Take action on that. Do something to help yourself. I can help you.

I know this might seem like a daunting task and you may be unsure where to begin, but luckily for you I can take all the leg work out of it. I’ve read the books and watched the videos and can cut out all the searching and Googling and get you straight to the meaty content. I can help you work on the personal things that are stopping you succeeding.

I’m really excited to be working with WISH to run an amazing leadership programme all revolved around confidence building. This programme is designed to teach you to be confident and then apply that to building your career. It will help you to be confident in harnessing your natural leadership abilities so you can really build rapport, trust and accountability with the people around you. It will provide you with tools and techniques for being powerful and assertive whilst remaining compassionate and kind. It will help you get the best out of people by empowering them and encouraging them. It will show you what your strengths are and how to maximise them. And more than that you’ll believe in yourself!

The programme last 6 months and involves training, coaching and even a workshop on style! It’s going to be brilliant and I can’t wait to share all my confidence secrets with you. The programme starts in April and for now all you need to do is register your interest by clicking here. I’ll be in touch once booking is open for you to secure your place.

For now, keep an eye out on WISH’s social media platforms and emails because more details will be released very soon!


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