Monday 4th July 2022

Unlocking your potential with Gemma Brown

Your authenticity is your superpower. But it’s also a very confusing subject...

Unlocking your potential - uncover your authentic self at work

Gemma Brown Coaching in partnership with WISH

Your authenticity is your superpower. But it’s also a very confusing subject. 

Throughout my career I’ve been told - ‘Just be yourself and you’ll be fine’. So it should be easy, right?!

Not always. 

In addition, I’ve also been told ‘Make sure you’re more confident’, ‘Speak up and contribute’, ‘Wear something that shows them who's boss’. ‘Be more strategic.’

It’s no wonder we question what it means to be authentic and spend much of our careers (particularly early-mid careers) wearing a mask to project what we think, or what we’re told, we should be. Research shows that feeling authentic at work leads to higher engagement, higher workplace satisfaction, and better performance. Yet, for women, it is especially hard. 

Societal and cultural norms tell us to ‘fit in’. Our own belief systems have taught us to ‘be a good girl’, ‘be quiet’, and ‘be seen and not heard’. Organisational structures prohibit, more than embrace diversity and individuality. We even create personal barriers for ourselves and an inner critic that threatens our confidence further. 

All of this makes it very difficult to lean into what is true for you, when hiding parts of yourself has become the default. This may be your natural curiosity, parts of your personality, skills that come naturally to you, or maybe your quiet reflective nature. Whatever it is, hiding them could mean you (and your workplace) are missing out on your vital talents. 

Imagine what would be different for you if you:

  • Truly believed in yourself and fearlessly had the confidence to show up as you
  • Embraced your strengths and skills and proudly used these in a way that benefited you (and all of those around you)
  • Knew and accepted who you were so that glimmers of self doubt faded into the background
  • Understood what was important to you and could use this knowledge to create direction and clarity
  • Turned your limiting beliefs into freeing, empowering ones
  • Had greater awareness of your personal needs and built boundaries that supported your well-being

Knowing, understanding and accepting who you are is a life-long journey of self-discovery. As Brene Brown says “Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are”. When you do this, you will flourish and those around you will too.  

If you are curious about personal development and want to better understand yourself so that you become increasingly comfortable with who you are, loosening the reliance on any ‘masks’ you wear and lean in to your skills, strengths and natural traits - join us for the ‘Unlocking Your Potential - Uncover your authentic self at work’ Programme. 

Through this group coaching programme you will work with like-minded women on a similar journey who will support, and share with the same generosity that you intend to. You will leave with the self-awareness and confidence to drive your career forward in a way that is aligned with your values, needs and purpose.

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