Thursday 25th March 2021

WISH Support Stopcocks 'Register of Tradeswomen'

WISH Support Stopcocks 'Register of Tradeswomen'


WISH are excited to announce we are partnering with Stopcocks to promote the only national register for all skilled tradeswomen in the UK.

Together we hope to help drive change in the construction and maintenance industry. Recognising that only 1% of trades that work in domestic homes are women, but that often female householders would feel more comfortable with a tradeswoman, Hattie and Mica from Stopcocks Plumbers founded the Register of Tradeswoman.

Every piece of work completed through the Register enables women to transform their lives and contributes to increasing the number of tradeswomen in the UK.


Why have a register of Tradeswomen?

There is an overwhelming demand for tradeswomen, and the Register will help address the current skills gap by increasing the number of tradeswomen in the UK as well as providing a route to make them easily accessible to those seeking them out. 

There has been an increase in domestic abuse and we know that this number increased dramatically during lockdown. 1.6 million women were recorded to have suffered domestic abuse in the UK last year. This is a shocking figure to comprehend. Along with other survivors of abuse, in all its forms, this may deepen the feelings of anxiety women having about an unknown man entering their home.

The Register aims to enable training for women who are leaving abusive situations, as well as helping people find tradeswomen. Stopcocks hopes to build a network of tradeswomen in all UK regions, so women can access those trades safely and easily. 

The value of this Register and the difference it will make to women’s lives cannot be understated and Stopcocks works tirelessly to support women and make their lives better in any way they can.

Hattie and Mica were recently on the BBC1 Morning Live Programme - Watch their film here




Do you know any social housing providers who have stock in the West Yorkshire area who house female survivors of domestic abuse?  Hattie and Mica from Stopcocks have received some funding to deliver training to survivors, starting with basic DIY to fix issues in their own homes, then knowing the tools to use, money management and being a sole trader, then basic plumbing training. 

Get in touch here or pass the details on!

WISH are delighted to be supporting this initiative and encourage all tradeswomen to join the Register. Whether you are women plumbers, heating engineers, electricians, painters and decorators or other tradeswomen, or even if you're currently in a job, please join the Register.

In Hattie's words, “If we cannot be counted then we don’t count.”

Please join the Register here and make Tradeswomen Count!




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