Developing your Personal Brand – WISH Yorkshire & Humber

Published on 28th September 2016

The 15th September saw a buzz in the Leeds office of Yorkshire Housing, as over 30 members of the WISH Yorkshire & Humberside networking group gathered for the Developing your Personal Brand session, led by Asif Choudry of #commshero fame.

People were keen to find out how to tread that fine line between the personal and the professional, how to make social media work for them and not become a digital slave plus get some practical tips on mastering Twitter.

Asif facilitated a really interactive session, using Twitter accounts of those within the room to look at what made content catch the eye and interest of followers – we all learnt a lot more about people within the room and how they used Twitter to raise their profile and connect with like-minded people.

The group discussed how to balance sharing what made you you and developing your personal brand with how that may be perceived; for example if you were in a senior role in Human Resources, would it be appropriate to share pictures of yourself enjoying yourself if you had recently been a chair of a disciplinary hearing that had led to dismissal?

Asif shared with us some of the content that had helped him build his profile, and all our mouths were watering at Momma Choudry’s cooking as we took a tour through Asif’s online presence.

Asif also talked us through how to use the hashtag to join in a digital conversation, for example keeping in touch with content at a conference you weren’t able to attend or contribute to a national day of significance.

Feedback from the day was that people came away keen to get active in Twitter and there was a call for similar sessions on LinkedIn, so expect to see a surge of online activity from the WISH members. This is what people had to say:

“Enjoyed meeting people in real life and connecting in a great venue and space”

“I learnt not to be scared of social media to engage and connect, and how to post anything current to get the interest flowing”

“I have more confidence in being myself on social media”

“I enjoyed it, made personal audience very interactive”


Lots of people asked for a future session on LinkedIn and Asif has kindly agreed to provide a follow up session in 2017, so watch this space!

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