Tuesday 6th June 2017

Berneslai Homes Shortlisted For 24 Housing Top 10 Social Landlords

Berneslai Homes are delighted to have been shortlisted again for the 24 Housing Top 10 Social Landlords and they need your vote to help put Barnsley on the map.

They were shortlisted for some big achievements including: collecting 98.5% of rent; helping tenants gain £444,000 in extra benefits; moving services online with a 155% increase in eform use and 93% selfserve for lettings; tackling worklessness through their office and craft apprentice scheme; building and acquiring 320 new council homes with a further £18 million programme to deliver 200 plus; bringing 45 private homes back into use; spending 75% locally, £2.3 million renewable energy income and 91% overall customer satisfaction.

Please follow this link to vote by 16th June.

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