Friday 26th May 2017

Beta Programme – Make Time. Create Space. Transform Your Life

Last orders and final call! Do you want to get underneath the ‘I haven’t got time’ excuse and find out what’s REALLY going on?

Are you fed up with your unhealthy relationship with time?

Bored of the same old shit coming up all the time?

Do you want to stop procrastinating, set some healthy boundaries and start prioritising the REALLY important stuff?

Then climb aboard!

We are very excited to be launching our beta programme ‘Make Time. Create Space. Transform Your Life’ on June 1st and have a few spaces left.

The programme will run over an 8 week period, with the core content between weeks 2-7 as follows:

  • w/c June 12th – Start saying no, to say yes. Set your boundaries so that you can spend time how YOU choose to.
  • w/c June 19th – Make friends with time. Start telling yourself ‘I do have time’, step into an enabling mindset and move forwards.
  • w/c June 26th – Take the pain out of prioritising. Make the right choice easily, to get the best results.
  • w/c July 3rd – Progress from procrastination. Get to the bottom of why you procrastinate and take action with complete commitment.
  • w/c July 10th – Your time, your space, your responsibility. Practical steps to put YOU back in control.
  • w/c July 17th – Manage your energy to maximise your time. How to slow down to speed up. Maximise your time by replenishing your energy levels.

Because we will be asking for participant feedback throughout the programme to support our work going forwards, the total cost is only £97.

So if you’re ready to go deep, get out of comfort zone and do the work send us a message on the Bolt business page by COP Tuesday May 30th.

If you are interested in receiving the first programme worksheet download to give you a flavour, please put ‘pocket coach’ in the comments below and we’ll get it across to you. Bolt Time Tribe Business Page

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