Tuesday 8th May 2018

Social Media and You

'Social media and me' proved to be a popular session as many of us know we should really 'do' social but we're not really sure how! Our board member (and comms guru) Caroline Chapman, was joined by the talented Hannah Jowett of Leeds Federated to take us on a whistle stop tour of how to get our social media in order!

Not quite knowing what to expect we arrived with charged batteries and were taken on a highly interactive whistle-stop tour of how to use social media to help support our career aims, build our networks and gain insights and access we may not have had before.

Caroline & Hannah focused on our work channels and helped us think about them as a supportive tool rather than a task to be undertaken, by considering what we wanted from them and why it really focused us on the ways it could support our aims.

They also shared practical tips from their own social media and mistakes and reminded us that sometimes we need less perfection, more authenticity!

Top tips included:

  • Don’t put out anything that will make you look less than you really are. Instead, build yourself up. You don’t have to share everything about your life!!
  • Post questions for others to answer or consider, offer up your ideas on the current market and how you can help companies move into the future with ideas and experience, and make sure that you do this in a professional, polished manner.
  • Social media isn’t always a bad thing, or even something that you should worry about constantly. If its taking over your life you need to step back, learn how to use it to your advantage. Alerts can be both positive and negative
  • Networking events are a great place to meet people and add them to your social networks; if you have shared interests you can develop a professional relationship or even a friendship! That’s how they met!


What our attendees said:

 ‘The session was excellent, full of practical advice and great examples that were really thought-provoking.

Their engaging way of sharing knowledge and encouraging us to interact made it a really fun session.

It’s given me the confidence to make more use of my channels’

A huge thanks to our speakers and to Leeds federated Housing Association for the use of the room and the outstanding biscuit choices! Don’t miss our next session ‘secrets of success’

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