Thursday 4th January 2018

WISH London - Christmas Party News

WISH aims to bring women in housing together to empower, support, encourage and assist, by building confidence through networking and by arranging interesting and informative seminars to assist them with their day to day roles. Our most recent event was the annual Christmas Party, which is always a sell out and a success for obvious reasons! This took place at the end of last year on the 6th December at The Alice.

Kind sponsors, Durkan and MDA Consulting, ensured that the wine and food kept flowing which I think we can all agree is a must at any Christmas bash! It was great to meet a number of new attendees at the event, each and every one of which said that they would be signing up for a membership in 2018 – what great news! We had over 70 registered guests as well as a number of tag alongs on the night – new faces both male and female are always welcome in WISH!

We don’t feel the Christmas Party is the occasion for talks, speeches or panel debates (unlike the majority of our other events) so the evening focussed around networking with other ladies (and gentlemen) from the construction and property side of the Housing sector. Lots of business cards were exchanged, photographs taken and follow up meetings booked in, so I think it is fair to say everyone had a fabulous night which only ended when the lights came on and the bar staff insisted it was time to close up!

The next WISH event is being held on the evening of Thursday the 22nd February and will be a political debate with networking opportunities ahead of the local London council elections. We have three Councillors from the three main political parties to speak on a panel with the theme: “How can housing professionals engage with councillors leading up to the London local election.”

We look forward to seeing you there!

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