Thursday 30th August 2018

WISH Mentoring

The WISH mentoring pilot is now launched!

The WISH mentoring pilot is now launched!

The mentoring programme pilot is currently being launched and we are actively looking for mentors and mentees. 

This unique scheme, specifically designed for women working in the housing and construction industries, offers experienced managers the opportunity to become Mentors so they can impart knowledge and expertise to Mentees.

Mentees are typically women at the early stages of their construction careers who would benefit from support, advice and guidance to help them develop and progress. Some Mentees may have been working for some time and just need a safe space to consider other perspectives or explore current challenges with a trusted person. 

If you would like to be part of this pilot scheme then please get in touch

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You can read about a 'A Perfect Match' - WISH's New Mentoring Scheme by Nicola Dibb here


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