Wednesday 12th June 2019

WISH North East - Impostor Syndrome event

We were delighted to host an event with Dr Victoria Miller on the Imposter Syndrome earlier this month.

We were delighted to host an event with Dr Victoria Miller on the Imposter Syndrome earlier this month.

The Impostor Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to internalise their accomplishments. In simple terms, this is someone that does their job competently and effectively but believes that they an impostor; that they don’t really know what they are doing.

We brought together over 60 housing professionals across the North East to talk about what the impostor syndrome is, why it happens and how we can manage it. Dr Victoria Miller from Great Minds Psychology led the session and really challenged people to think about their values, relationships, what it important to them and what do they need to live a meaningful life. She then discussed these in relation to the impostor syndrome and talked through techniques of managing situations when we feel anxious, out of our comfort zones or in new territory.

The session was a real education in personal growth, reflection and self awareness. People were left truly inspired and enthused.

We’re confident that the impact of Victoria’s session will be lasting and far reaching, with over 60 people going back to their organisation packed with new skills, techniques and perspectives to develop themselves, their colleagues and their organisations.

“This was my first WISH North East event and what a fantastic event it was, extremely interesting speaker. Also fab venue choice.”

“Great talk by Dr Victoria Miller at today’s WISH North East Impostor Syndrome event providing us with great coping tips both in the workplace and at home. Perfect introduction to WISH North East – looking forward to future events and networking.”

“Fantastic morning listening to Dr Victoria Miller talking about impostor syndrome. We can be so critical of ourselves and especially when moving towards our goals. Loads of brilliant stuff to take away.”


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