Monday 11th December 2017

WISH Yorkshire & Humber Winter Newsletter

Welcome to your Winter newsletter from Yorkshire & Humberside. We have a series of exciting events lined up for you in the coming months!

We’ve made a few changes to our board as people have moved on. We would like to thank them for volunteering their time, we’ve really valued your input – don’t be strangers!

We would like to welcome Megan Henderson, Francesca Hartley and Ally Stavrianakos to the board! They should all be familiar faces to you as they’ve all worked as Ambassadors for WISH Y&H over the last year.

If you want to help shape your network why not join us as an ambassador? 

We are looking for enthusiastic members to promote WISH, encourage new members and help us run events! If you’re interested either come and talk to us at our next event or email us…

We’re committed to being an inclusive group and we encourage applications from people from the widest possible diversity of backgrounds, cultures and experiences.

‘Tips from the Top’ – Building your Career in Property

On a surprisingly sunny October morning WISH Yorkshire gathered at Yorkshire Housing in central Leeds to hear more tips from the top – this time focusing on women who have made their mark in the property sector. We were delighted to welcome a really comprehensive bunch from joiners to senior managers!

We were welcomed by our Chair Heidi Thompson who shared with us her journey over the last 25 years to where she is now, leading asset transformation for KNH as part of a strong, all female exec team – I think its fair to say that Heidi would never have expected that when she accepted the offer of a place on a surveying course back on the 1980s! This brought forward one of the overriding themes of the days event – take the opportunities and say yes!

Heidi’s top tips

  1. Be yourself
  2. Know your workforce
  3. Add fun to your work day
  4. Network!!
  5. Find a passion for wellbeing

Heidi them lead an exercise in talking about the skills you have to offer, when, despite initial nerves, people started to discuss their many skills work related or personal.

We reconvened and were joined by Daniella Barrow, Director of Operations at NPS Group Leeds, and Current President of ACES (Association of Chief Estates Surveyors). Daniella struggled with the lack of representation and opportunity for women in surveying when she began her career but realised after some wise words from her mum that if a door opens for you, just go through it!

Finally Katherine Proctor, Head of Homeworks at Yorkshire Housing talked about perceptions and the realities of working as a woman in a male dominated environment – and how it’s not always a bad thing!

Daniella’s top tips

  1. Role models
  2. Take control
  3. Be yourself
  4. You CAN do it
  5. Be a champion for others

Katherine’s Top tips

  1. Be yourself
  2. Do scary things
  3. Don’t feel pigeon holed
  4. Surround yourself with positive and honest people
  5. Ask for feedback and use it!

Despite not swapping notes beforehand all 3 of our speakers picked up on some common themes which really resonated with the room. It was a particularly pertinent reminder for the board members in the room as the themes were the reason we all got involved in WISH and setting up the branch! Be yourself, be honest, be kind, use your networks and be there for other women #unlockyournetwork #wishYH

We know you’re busy this festive season so we’re holding our Christmas party in January! 


25th Jan 2018

at Dirty Martini Bar, Leeds

more info to follow!

Join us for some post-Christmas networking, drinks and generally merriment to chase those winter blues away

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