About WISH

Who Are WISH?

  • A Support Network
  • Six Regional Groups
  • Public & Private Sector
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Benefits of Joining WISH

  • Develop business relationships
  • Keep up to date with sector issues
  • Raise the profile of your business
  • Share knowledge, good practise and confidence building techniques
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WISH Lister

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“Be open, be honest and say yes even if it’s uncomfortable or you have never done it before”

WISH Lister 2017 – Kerry Whittle Kerry is a founder member of the WISH NW region which celebrates its five year anniversary this year

This Month's Guest Blog

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We need to make a conscious effort to ensure that we are not missing out on the best talent and that we are giving

Learning & Development - Bolt from the You

Making Learning Stick through Attention Density

Do you ever find yourself saying things like ‘I have no confidence when it comes to public speaking,’ or ‘I’m really terrible at Maths,’

Legal Expert - Blake Morgan


“We are likely to know more after the Autumn Statement, but know one thing expect to hear a lot more about “Buy as you