About WISH

Who Are WISH?

  • A Support Network
  • Five Regional Groups
  • Public & Private Sector
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Benefits of Joining WISH

  • Develop business relationships
  • Keep up to date with sector issues
  • Raise the profile of your business
  • Share knowledge, good practise and confidence building techniques
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WISH Lister

Julie Wass

“Don’t underestimate the positive impact you can individually make within your role, regardless of what it is.”

Julie Wass Customer Service Senior, Ongo Homes With a deep routed commitment to customer care, CIH Rising Star 2015 Julie Wass is Customer Service

This Month's Guest Blog

Amy Nettleton

Can social media be more than ‘social?’ Well, I haven’t put pen to paper for a few months, so I felt it was time!

Learning & Development - Bolt from the You


  What is it about September? It just feels like a fresh start. A new beginning. Energy levels are up and I seem to

Legal Expert - Blake Morgan

Holly Stedman - Solicitor, Blake Morgan LLP

When facing a claim for possession, tenants are able to run a defence based on reasonableness and/or proportionality. In both Pinnock and Powell, it

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Benefits of Mentoring – WISH Yorkshire & Humber

WISH Yorkshire & Humber Board are pleased to report back a very successful second Humber event over at Shoreline Housing Partnership on the 18