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WISH Scotland Launch Event

Thursday 15th September 2022

3:00pm - 5:00pm

 Venue: The Wheatley Academy


The Wheatley Academy
Ingram Street, Glasgow, Scotland
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WISH Scotland Launch Event

WISH Scotland Launch Event

Venue: The Wheatley Academy, Ingram Street, Glasgow

Date: 15th September 2022

Time: 3pm-5pm

Please join us for our very FIRST WISH Scotland 'In person' Launch Event!



Our Guest Speakers:

Jackie Wade, MD Winning Sales

Positive Psychologist, Leadership Coach, Wellbeing Researcher, Businesswoman, Writer / Poet, Guest speaker, Reflective thinker, and Mum.

Passionate about human flourishing and the opportunity for each person to create their best possible self and life.

Following a successful thirty-five year international career in business consultancy, sales training and executive coaching, as MD of her business Winning Sales, Jackie made the conscious decision three years ago to transition away from the sharp end of commercial business, sales and growth. She now focuses her time and energy on people’s positive mental health and wellbeing and their personal journey towards human flourishing. She went back to university and undertook a masters in Positive Psychology. Her commitment now and going forward is helping people reconnect with their authentic self and move towards greater inner peace, harmony and balance. Finding their “happy”! She is currently developing a new business Flourissimo, her post-Covid focus on helping people thrive during challenging times.

She is currently researching her dissertation towards her MSc focused on “mattering”, particularly in relation to leadership and business and is also writing a book – “Do I matter?”. She holds qualifications in Coaching in Positive Psychology, as well a certificate in the Science of Happiness from Berkley University, California. She is certified NLP professional, registered coach with Positive Psychology Guild and ISCP (International Society for Coaching Psychology) and has recently embarked on her yin yoga teaching qualifications.

She splits her life between the UK and France, where she writes, coaches and offers busy clients some away time in her home and retreat space in beautiful Languedoc.


Laura Henderson, Managing Director of Dunedin Canmore, West Lothian Housing Partnership and Loretto Housing, part of the Wheatley Group

Laura Henderson is the Managing Director of Dunedin Canmore, West Lothian Housing Partnership and Loretto Housing, all of which are part of Wheatley Group. Laura is responsible for housing advice, homelessness, customer support and Universal Credit. Laura has around 20 years’ experience working in the housing sector. 

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