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We currently offer advertising at £200.00 per job advert (non members) and £120 per job advert (members), please note we are unable to accept job postings from other recruitment companies (excluding RP Board Positions).

The following is included:

– The advert will be added to our website, you will need to complete the form below, this will then be checked and published by WISH.

– Please ensure that you complete the Job application close date, as well as including the Job Title and Location as you wish it to appear.

– Once the job has been advertised it will firstly be emailed directly to all of our current subscribed members, in addition we will:

  • Add to our LinkedIn page (3307 members)
  • Send out the link via Twitter (1104 followers)
  • Add to our Facebook page (187 likes)


– Approximately one week prior to the application close date we will repost to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

– After the job advert has been removed from our website, we will be able to provide you with details of how many hits the advert has received.


Payment: We will issue an invoice for all adverts to the person who advertised the job, if payment is being made by another company, please email [email protected] with full details. Payment can be made via BACS or cheque. If you require a PayPal invoice please email [email protected]. Payment must be made within 7 working days on receipt of invoice, or the job will not be posted/ removed from the website.


If you have any questions please email Katie at [email protected].

Please note we are unable to accept job postings from other recruitment companies.


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