Friday 15th October 2021

Easy guide to networking event

London held it's WISH National Event on an Easy Guide to Networking, with fantastic talks from Tracey McEachran and Catherine Kraus...


Last week we held the WISH National Event on an Easy Guide to Networking, with fantastic talks from Tracey McEachran and Catherine Kraus. It was a celebration of why Women in Social Housing exists, aimed at new people to the profession aiming to network effectively. We were able to share our experiences with Dimple Shah leading the way, through the ups and downs of learning how to network. It really emphasized the need for Quality over Quantity in terms of networks.


The event celebrated the power of networking, the importance of being authentic and the need to remember your purpose. The speakers helped motivate all the attendees. Through breakout sessions we were able to practice our introductions, bringing our whole self to the breakout room. 

Feedback to Tracey McEachran from one attendee said:

“I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the networking event last night and everything you said was really inspiring and has given me a lot more confidence so thank you.”


At Women in Social Housing, we are a network to support people becoming their best self. The event highlighted how bringing your passion to a situation is essential. Remember networking is a gift, an opportunity to expand your knowledge and fuel your curiosity. Bring your whole self, more than just your job title: girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister etc.


If there is a key lesson to take away it is: Don’t sell yourself, be yourself. We cannot wait to see everyone again in person at our events across the country to try out our new skills. 


To watch the recording please view it here:


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