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Thursday 13th January 2022

Chief Executive of Octavia - Sandra Skeete Interview

An interview with Sandra Skeete CEO of Octavia on negotiating leadership in all her intersectionality and staying close to her own essence.

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Monday 6th December 2021

Benefits of being a WISH Board Member

Kathryn Grundy explains the benefits of becoming a WISH Board Member...

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Friday 15th October 2021

Easy guide to networking event

London held it's WISH National Event on an Easy Guide to Networking, with fantastic talks from Tracey McEachran and Catherine Kraus...

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Tuesday 16th March 2021

Lovell Breaking Ground for Women in Construction

The construction industry is widely reported to have the worst gender balance of any UK industry, with just 13% of all workers being female. As the 8 March 2021 celebrated International Women’s Day with the theme ‘Choose To Challenge’, Lovell is celebrating its year-round commitment to improving gender equality.

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