Tuesday 28th April 2020

Motivation, Goal setting and maximising your potential during Lockdown.

Now several weeks into social distancing and lock-down, WISH North Wales are learning to let go of frustrations and focus on being thankful for the simple things.

Motivation, Goal setting and maximising your potential during Lockdown. 

In North Wales we are lucky to have some beautiful landscapes, mountains and beaches where we are able to spend time each day (in accordance with the Government guidelines and social distancing rules. We’re currently experiencing some brilliant Spring sunshine too, something which we can all take time to appreciate now that we have more time away from our usual workplaces and offices.

In spite of all these wonderful small things, as time goes on, undoubtably many of us will have moments where we feel despondent, uncertain and frustrated. It is important that in these moments, we remind ourselves that this situation won’t continue forever, but whilst it does continue, lets take advantage of the new found free time and think about setting some new personal goals to regain focus and motivation.

Here at WISH North Wales, we often encourage our members to set some manageable goals for their careers, in order to know where they are heading, and by way of bench-marking achievements and milestones along the journey to achieving ‘the big goal’. Goal setting is crucial for structure and focus when trying reach a particular place in your career.

We’ve taken the same principle and applied this to some more personally fulfilling areas of achievement during the UK-wide #StayHomeStaySafe lockdown. (See Goal Setting tool below).

We hope this tool helps you to find some new goals and aspirations and helps to keep you on track with motivation, well-being and positivity!


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