Tuesday 25th July 2023

My Journey into Social Housing

Nazlin Nazri's is an Associate Director at Civitas. Read her journey into housing...

My Journey into Social Housing

by Nazlin Nazri, Associate Director, Finance at Civitas Social Housing PLC 

I joined Civitas Social Housing PLC (“Civitas”) early 2022. I work as an Associate Director within the finance team, bringing extensive experience in real estate finance, specifically specializing in listed (PLC) financial reporting. Prior to Civitas, I served as the Head of Financial Reporting at Tritax Group Plc, where I led the production of high-quality annual and interim reports. In my role at Civitas, I take responsibility for ensuring the accuracy and integrity of our financial reporting.

I report directly to the Group Finance Director and my main objective is to provide comprehensive financial insights for the company. One of my notable achievements at Civitas has been contributing significantly to the company receiving its first Gold Award for EPRA BPR reporting in 2022. This recognition reflects our commitment to delivering transparent and credible annual reports and accounts that showcase Civitas’ identity and activities.

Working at Civitas, the UK's leading care-based and healthcare REIT, has provided me with valuable insights into the world of social housing. Civitas firmly believes that access to decent housing is a fundamental human right, enabling individuals to achieve more, especially those with lifelong disabilities. Our residents, with an average age of around 32 years, typically reside in their adapted Civitas community homes for many years, sometimes for their entire adult lives. This has a significant positive impact on their lives. As millions of people remain on housing waiting lists or find themselves trapped in long-stay hospitals, Civitas’ efforts make a meaningful difference to the community. It not only improves personal outcomes but also provides value for money for the public sector, which supports the cost of these services.

Personally, visiting one of our sites reminded me of my own experience living in a small-scale university accommodation. Witnessing first-hand how Civitas’ homes offer a decent living environment and a sense of security to vulnerable individuals who would otherwise be homeless and uncertain is truly gratifying. I am proud to be part of a team that recognizes the importance of providing high-quality homes to those in need, contributing to their well-being and the success of our mission.

Over the past year, I have increasingly engaged with the Approved Providers from a financial perspective. These Approved Providers are separate, established entities operating within regional or national frameworks, specializing in the management of care-based housing for vulnerable adults. I work closely with the asset management and housing benefit teams, collaborating on property enhancements, rental management, and engagement with care providers. We maintain strong and positive relationships with Approved Providers and local authorities, offering flexibility and long-term value for money. Our active asset management approach includes property improvements, renovations, and post-completion works, resulting in continuous enhancements to overall energy performance.

Being part of a team that prioritizes environmental, sustainability and governance at the core of its operations is a source of pride for me.

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