Tuesday 16th June 2020

Surviving and Thriving

Highs and lows of adapting to living and working in a world turned upside down by the impact of the coronavirus.

Surviving and Thriving

Blog by Dr Sue Eccles

I am having to do so many Zoom calls these days and it can be exhausting.  However, one Zoom meeting left me feeling really positive about what we as professional women are doing and how we are managing through this period of lockdown and how we are going to move into the future. 

The webinar ‘Surviving and Thriving in Lockdown and Beyond’ on the 2nd June, hosted by Debra Constance, Tracey McEachran and Sue Eccles, involved members from around the country coming together to discuss some of the highs and lows of adapting to living and working in a world turned upside down by the impact of the coronavirus.

What emerged from our multiple interactive discussions was truly revealing.  We, are a community of amazingly resilient, resourceful, considerate and adaptable women. Sometimes being amazing can come at a personal cost – juggling priorities, managing time, feeling isolated, worried and stressed.

We agreed that as individuals and as a community we should recognise and celebrate the ways in which we have coped at work and at home. Not only has work been ‘business-as-usual’ but we have also had to adapt to working from home, using new technologies and supporting colleagues and clients/tenants who themselves may be struggling. At the same time, friends and families have continued to need our support and care.

Looking after ourselves becomes even more important at times like this. It is ‘OK not to be OK’ and to ask for help and advice from others. It is OK to put ourselves first sometimes by creating ‘me-time’ to unwind and relax. Some people find it helpful to structure and plan their day –  One participant suggested the comprehensive DEWS approach (Domestic, Exercise, Work and Social) to ensure a balance every day.  

We have summarised the many suggestions in the document which can be accessed by clicking on this link which has ideas to help you as we ease out of lockdown and into the ‘new normal’ we hope that you can use them help you to stay safe and stay healthy. 

Click on the image below to the Webinar Introduction via YouTube.


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