Tuesday 10th November 2020

Amazing Chris Smith from Thirteen Group on WISH Membership

Chris Smith from Thirteen Group shares what WISH means to them.

“WISH really concentrates on what’s important for women in the workforce!” Hear from the fabulous Chris Smith from Thirteen Group who shares what being a member of WISH means to them!

Our North East Board has been sharing their views recently on what being part of WISH means to them – they’ve also been reaching out to local members to get their thoughts. They’ve put together some brilliant little videos which have really brought the feedback to life! We love hearing from our members that “WISH opens a door to a community of sharing and encouragement”, “WISH strengthens women’s ability to further their careers” and “WISH really concentrates on what is important for women in the workforce”… and so many more amazing opinions on why WISH matters to them and their organisation.

You can take a look at all the video clips here

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